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10 Low-cost business ideas with high profit

Top 10 small business ideas

Starting from scratch and growing your own business is difficult. The success of a company depends on many factors. At the same time, there are no guarantees that the enterprise will not go bankrupt in the first year of operation and the owner will not lose the money invested.

For those who have not yet accumulated start-up capital, we present the top 10 business ideas with minimal investment. All these are business options that students, retirees, and other people with modest financial capabilities can start.

How to start a business on a small budget

To successfully launch your first microbusiness, take your time. Pay maximum attention to planning, market research, and calculations. So you can choose the most comfortable niche for yourself. For this:

  • Analyze your interests and skills. An important success factor is the interest of the entrepreneur, understanding the issue. It is difficult to achieve a good result where you can hardly navigate. To start from scratch, you need to be well versed in the technical side of things.
  • Study the demand. Before moving on to the top ideas with minimal investment, you should study the market. Use social networks and search analysis services to find popular products and services. Then analyze how the needs of the audience are satisfied, and what new things can be offered.
  • Develop a unique idea. Even if your chosen area seems overloaded with competitors, you can still find an unoccupied direction. For example, sports and yoga lovers will be attracted by classes on MFR – myofascial release. They can be carried out with minimum professional training.
  • Write a business plan. Think carefully about how and to whom you will offer your service or product. Describe the entire process – from ordering equipment, and organizing production to collecting feedback. Calculate your estimated costs.

After you choose the direction of the activity and make calculations, you can begin to implement your plan. Please note that to provide services or trade legally, you need to officially register your activity with the tax office. And for some areas, for example, children’s goods, certification is required.

What types of low-cost businesses will be relevant next year

Determining the top business ideas of 2022 with minimal investment is difficult, as the modern world is changing at an incredible speed. However, we have selected options with high potential, which are not very exposed to most risks.

Production and sale of unique ties

A popular trend among people seeking to stand out and find their unique style. Options for unusual butterflies:

  • wooden with carving, and engraving;
  • fabric with unusual prints;
  • with neon illumination;
  • children’s and women’s.

Sales can be organized through an online store, social networks, and marketplaces. Over time, the range can be expanded or changed to suit new fashion trends.

Growing greenery

Organic homemade greens and microgreens are very popular among health seekers. Demand for organic products is growing – a healthy diet without antibiotics and preservatives is gradually becoming the norm. Therefore, the cultivation of home greens or microgreens can be safely attributed to the top 5 business ideas with minimal investment.

To start your own business, it is enough to equip at least one greenhouse. For this you need:

  • purchase lighting fixtures;
  • prepare nutrient soil;
  • organize automatic watering;
  • buy seeds.

You can sell greens on your own or you can negotiate with shops and restaurants about regular supplies.

Car babysitting service

Such a service is included in the top business ideas of 2022 with minimal investment. Many parents spend the whole day at work, not having time to pick up their children from kindergarten, or school, and take them to sections, or circles. In such a situation, a babysitter will help – the driver will pick up and take the child at the appointed time to the right address.

You can offer such a service through special services for finding temporary specialists. However, in the future, the idea may be developed into a full-fledged childcare agency.

To start such a business, you will need your car and a valid license. Also, make sure that parents can easily control the process of moving the child. For this, a beacon on the car and a camera in the cabin with a live broadcast are enough.

Transformation Board Games Club

Such games combine entertainment and psychological help. The gist of the proposal is as follows:

  • a group of people gather at the table and together with the curator start the game;
  • in the process, stereotypes of behavior characteristic of a person in ordinary life are manifested;
  • the coach draws attention to this and helps to transform ineffective habits and reactions into new patterns of behavior.

T-games are one of the top ideas with minimal investment since the costs come down to acquiring the game itself, placing ads, and renting a room. You can recoup your investment in 4-5 sessions.

Sale of creative car wipers

Surely you have noticed unusual rear wipers on cars. It can be an image of a cat or a dog, where the tail is the windshield wiper. The sale of such stickers is quite a promising direction.

The project can be organized in two ways. First: buy stickers from wholesalers, and sell them via the Internet or a point of sale. Second: you create a unique design yourself, order production, and then sell it.

The advantage of such a business is that to start it, it is enough to buy the first batch of goods. Over time, the range can be expanded by adding other unusual accessories for cars.

Offsite carpet cleaning

This service is in constant demand, which is why it is at the top of business ideas with minimal investment.

A dirty carpet is a source of dust, bacteria, and mites. To achieve cleanliness, simple cleaning is not enough, dry cleaning is needed. However, it is difficult for busy people or single women to roll up a large carpet and take it to a dry cleaner. In such a situation, the departure of a specialist will help out.

Benefits for a budding entrepreneur:

  • you can work independently, without assistants;
  • there is no need to undergo special training;
  • at the start, you only need to purchase equipment and household chemicals;
  • services can be promoted through social networks and free bulletin boards.

But keep in mind: that the described option involves constant contact with chemistry. Before starting the activity, make sure that you are not allergic to detergents. It is also desirable to have your transport so that you can quickly get to the customer, and carry the necessary equipment with you.

Lawn care

Seasonal, but incredibly popular offer. The target audience for these services:

  • owners of private houses;
  • country and cottage settlements;
  • large companies that monitor the arrangement of the surrounding area;
  • country hotel and entertainment complexes;
  • local authorities, it is enough to buy a lawn mower, secateurs, and other t to start earnings. Over time, you can hire a team of workers, offer turnkey lawns, and create figured flower beds.

Making children’s business boards

Busy boards are special boards, cubes, and any similar forms, equipped with interesting entertainment options for young children. They help kids develop attention and fine motor skills. This is a great option to usefully captivate the child for a few hours.

Children’s goods are constantly in high demand, so the project can be attributed to the top 100 business ideas with minimal investment. But for the manufacture of educational toys, attention must be paid to:

  • The quality of the materials used. They must be completely safe and hypoallergenic – parents are guided by this when choosing.
  • Fasteners, small parts. The child mustn’t be able to tear off and swallow parts of the toy.
  • Smell, coating. The product should not smell like varnish, paint, plastic, or other synthetics.

Production of home semi-finished products

The last popular project from the top of the best business ideas with minimal investment is the production of homemade dumplings, dumplings, and cutlets. Factory products are significantly inferior in quality to homemade semi-finished products. Therefore, such a business is easy to start by offering more delicious food to the audience.

At the same time, it is not necessary to limit yourself to dumplings and dumplings. The range of semi-finished products may include:

  • pizzas, burgers;
  • rolls, pancakes;
  • nuggets;
  • pies, sweets.

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